4 Tips To Build A Winning Team In STEMM

4 Tips To Build A Winning Team In STEMM

4 Tips To Build A Winning Team In STEMM

When it comes to making an impact and being successful in life, we must be part of a team of like-minded legends!

To be ultra-successful in STEMM, we must commit to building and cultivating a team of like-minded legends who are inspired, cohesive and want to go the extra mile together. 

It doesn’t matter what role we have in STEMM, we are ALL members of a team and therefore responsible to contribute to building ‘team’ more effectively.

NB: You cannot be a leader, without being a team member first!

This month we are focussing on managing people, dealing with toxic people, and building high performing teams.

There is one thing I (Christine here) want to point out first! 

Building, developing, creating and nurturing a true high-performing team is often overlooked in the world of STEMM! To prioritise team development in the nature of the correct meaning of team, is not something that is commonly known or practiced. 

Stay with me… 

I say this because of my experience of working in the STEMM industry for over 30 years, my experience of being part of a high performing national representative sports team, my experience of training and coaching high performing athletes, my firsthand experience as an academic program co-ordinator, lecturer and now as CEO of WALT Institute. The WALT Institute work team has international members based across countries and we work with a vast range of clients, businesses and Institutes around the world.  

My experience also comes as a result of learnings from some of the greatest global CEO’s and the consistent professional and personal coaching I receive from world renowned coaches, that enable me to share these four tactics with you. 

If you want to achieve success in grant funding, get results, have higher publication levels, highly effective international collaborations and recognition, then building and maintaining high performing winning teams is not just a ‘nice to have’ it is a MUST

So, what constitutes a high performing winning team you ask? 

High performing teams are a group of individuals with specialised expertise and complementary skills, that are goal-oriented, hyper-focused and aim for outstanding results. Together, they hold a clear team vision and are always willing to sacrifice their own individual goals to achieve the team goals. A high performing team pulls together regardless of the situation, environment or demands. 

“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business and the bigger your dream, the more important your team is” Robin Sharma


#1 Lead by Example: 

This is your opportunity to be the role model of what you want from your teammates, your colleagues, and your project buddies. BE, the performance that you want from your team. By that, I mean you wholeheartedly express and show up consistently, demonstrating and inspiring the level of performance that you want the rest of your team to exhibit. 

#2 Morning Huddle: 

Set a regular time to touch base. Focus on and talk about one of your team’s core values. Share a celebration, a magic moment, an accomplishment. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engage in the human aspect of your team. We know that a team that celebrates together, wins together. Create an optimistic, trusting environment where your team wants to share their wins and honestly work together to accomplish greatness. 

#3 Develop Human Talent: 

Your job as a leader (and a team member) is to grow and develop other leaders! Inspire your team. Support your team, don’t pull them down or badmouth them. People want to grow, to be stretched, to be respected, to feel worthy and to feel a sense of belonging. You do that by enhancing and strengthening your people. This is not about gaining more skills or qualifications, this IS about understanding what matters most: growth and development of the individual – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

#4 Have Fun: 

Right now, during the ongoing disruptions of work and life in the world, this is the most vital component of building a high performing team. Our teams are craving human connection. The key to not just surviving but thriving, is community! Sharing human experiences that are NOT about business as usual, NOT about what job must be completed next, and NOT about any ‘work stuff’, is vital. If you do not understand what makes your people tick or how to get the best out of them or yourself, then you definitely do not understand the potential for greatness within your team!  

When you consistently show up every single day at your best and lead by example, make time to wholeheartedly get to know your people, commit to developing the talent within your team and find out what they like to do for fun, then you have the potential to build exceptional high performing winning teams in STEMM. 

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