Stress Recovery BOOTCAMP

About the Program

This BOOTCAMP is four weeks of intensive life changing tactics and strategies to tame the beast of stress and manage BUSYNESS more effectively.

This Stress Recovery BOOTCAMP will provide you with the tools to get on top of the negative stress spiral to flip it around faster!

A short, sharp, intensive program to take you to the next level of managing your stress. Work through what is keeping you stuck, the recurring reasons for being crippled by stress, and find a way forward. Identify HOW you can build stress busting resilience strategies with consistency!

You will be challenged emotionally and mentally to ACT, BE and THINK differently in all areas of your life.

If you want to...

  • Have more energy
    When we manage the busyness and stress more effectively we will open up possibilities and find more time in our day.
  • Take control of stress
    There is a way to control the controllable and let the uncontrollable things fade away.
  • Even out the peaks and troughs of BUSYNESS
    Instead of feeling like you are on a constant roller coaster, there are strategies to even these out and feel more calm.
  • Be more productive
    When we are able to step aside from the negative energy of stress call things as they really are, instigate new habits, we will be more productive.
  • Have better sleep
    Sleep is vital for many things – good physical and mental health, clear focus, high levels of energy.  Find out how to improve this area of your life through managing stress more effectively.
  • Be less irritable
    Often when we are under high levels of stress we become irritable and our closest colleagues and family begin to cop it. We can make adjustments to how we manage stress and this has a huge ripple effect onto relationships and interactions with others.

Then this BOOTCAMP is for you!

Skills required

Online course - coaching, live videos, training.
A desire to take action and put proven strategies in place.
Successful people take immediate action.
You can too!